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Do you ever wonder why many people in their 20s are leaving their jobs more often than before? Maybe you’re thinking - “It’s because they’re millennials, it’s who they are.”

But did it ever cross your mind that we’re irresponsibly labeling them based on age, what year they were born, and what group they’re in without really getting to know or without really trying to understand them?

The workplace is rapidly changing. Employers need to shift their focus in order to adapt to the future workplace. Toxic company culture, work-life balance, workplace stereotypes, these are just some of the gaps that need to be bridged in today’s work environment.

Join me in this episode, as I talk to Eric Termunede the author of Rethink Work about how we should rethink work in order to keep the right people. He is a global leader and keynote speaker who speaks about people and work. He’s on a mission to empower companies to build better teams, establish deep trust, and ultimately create an environment where everyone thrives together!

Find out the fix to your workplace problem as we tackle issues on company culture, workplace communications, as well as workforce stereotypes. Eric shares his take on how the future of the workplace would be and what HR’s and employers can do to adapt quickly. He also talks about his story and how he got into where he is right now. Moreover, you’ll learn how you can keep your company ahead of others as he explains the One Degree Shift approach to build a great place to work where everyone is fulfilled!

Grab yourself a copy of Eric’s Rethink Work: Finding & Keeping The Right Talent 👉 here!

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Why people in their 20s are quitting their jobs
  • The huge communication gap between companies and job hunters
  • The problem with job descriptions
  • Deconstructing generations
  • Understanding the HART of your team
  • The 1% Approach
  • Values that inspired Eric to do the work that he does

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