Unpacking the Leadership Process with Errol Doebler


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When it comes to workplace obstacles, awareness is the first step to overcoming them. In this episode of the Transform Your Workplace podcast, Brandon Laws talks with leadership author, expert and consultant, Errol Doebler, who provides thoughtful leadership anecdotes and guidance for listeners. From his time as a Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent to his current work as a leadership consultant, Errol shares commonalities in the path toward effective leadership, including recognition of challenges and changes to team behavior.


  • Awareness is the first step toward cultivating effective leadership.
  • Behavior, not ideas, drives performance. If we want to see a change in culture, we must first address the behaviors that hinder.
  • Leaders must establish clear expectations before they can hold a team accountable for undesired behavior.
  • A detailed process is critical for true transformation.


This episode’s guest, Errol Doebler, is a man of many skills and much experience. From his time as a Navy SEAL and FBI agent to his work in leadership consulting, Errol knows what it is to face immense challenges and build processes to overcome them. He’s the founder of his own leadership firm, Leader 193, and the author of The Process, Art, and Science of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire Confidence and Clarity in Combat, in the Boardroom, and at the Kitchen Table.


If you want to learn more about Errol Doebler’s process for cultivating effective leadership, check out his website at leader193.com or find him on Instagram or Facebook: @Leader_193. You can also find his book on his website or Amazon.com.


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