Radio-Esque Vol. 3 (Season 1 Catch-Up)


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Surprise! We are bringing you some updates on some bands we've had on in the past and sharing a little from our BANDCAMP collection!

Chaznik attempts to DJ and you get more music than chatter in this very special bonus episode before the official season 3 kick off at UTOPIAFEST!


1. In Love With A Ghost -"interdimensional portal leading to a cute place ft. snail's house"

2. Amber Lamps - "Wanderlust" from the album "On the Lamb"

3. Clutterculture - "Wildlife" from the EP "The Sun Was the Same"

4. Phantom Chatter - "3:17 A.M."

5. Planet What - "Le Garcon Rat" from the "Maggie Fingers" Ep

6. Chief and the Doomsdaydevice - "Azure (A High)" from the album "A Memoir Called Noir"

7. Conwaythewahle - "Osiris" from the "Jaguar Shark" Ep

8. B-Film Ect. - "Snatch and Run" from the album "Punch Line"

9. Shawn James - "Through the Valley (Live)" from the "Live at the Heartbreak House" album

10. The Shaky Harlots - "Fuck You"

11. Poly Action - "Defeated Red Bells"

12. Marquis of Vaudeville - "Marionettes" from the "Tragic Valentine" album.

13. Nobody's Girl - "What'll I Do" from the "Waterline" Ep

14. Spose - "Going Home" from the "Going Home" Ep

Thanks to Dylan Higgins AKA MC Lunchboxx for the theme song used in this episode and to Collateral Cinema Podcast for the love!


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