Missing Affordances for Remote Working


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Switching to remote working means big shifts in the communication patterns of our teams, and the tools we use to do that make some things harder and others easier—they have different "affordances". We explore these differences and suggest strategies for better effective collaboration. SHOW LINKS: - Classic book on affordances: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Design_of_Everyday_Things - Concept Board: https://app.conceptboard.com - Sococo: https://www.sococo.com/ Transcript: https://www.conversationaltransformation.com/posts/missingaffordances/ *** Our new book, Agile Conversations, will be out in May 2020! See https://conversationaltransformation.com where you can pre-order and get a free video when you join our mailing list! We'd love to hear any thoughts, ideas, or feedback you have about the show. Email us at info@conversationaltransformation.com

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