The Cheetham Murders


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Kenneth and Iva Cheetham met and fell in love during World War II. They eventually married and settled in Washington State. Kenneth and Iva loved to travel and took yearly vacations to different spots around the country. In 1991, they set out to meet up with family for a vacation at Glacier National Park. They never joined up with their family and were later found shot to death.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the murders of Kenneth and Iva Cheetham. There are a number of mysteries that surround this case. Authorities knew they had both been shot but they were unable to conclusively identify the caliber of bullet used in the murders. They had very little to go on, the biggest lead was a missing video camera and bag with a strap that had the Cheethams' name on it. That strap was later found by itself. But, there were a number of other murders around the area where the Cheethams were found. Police had to figure out if they were connected.

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