5: José Pizarro


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In today’s episode, Tiffanie, Stacey and Katie reveal the rare and recherché finds they’ve unearthed from inside Harrods. Prepare to be inspired by esoteric fragrances; intrigued by a piece of jewellery with talismanic properties and compelled by three superlative pairs of sunglasses which are not just aesthetically pleasing but altruistic too.
In the second part of the podcast, Tiffanie speaks to the celebrated Spanish chef José Pizarro – credited with bringing authentic tapas to London – about his unlikely road to becoming a restaurateur. “I studied dentistry,” he says, “and while I was waiting for a job I took a cookery course. A month in, I knew this was it.” He tells us why Jamón Ibérico should always be eaten with your hands, why his customers are family and he also lets us in on the secret ingredient in his recipe for success (hint: it’s all about provenance).

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