Episode 17: Sabaton's 'The Last Stand' & Amason's 'Sky City'


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It's Sweden Week on Trust Me, It's Good (for some reason) and we're bringing you two greats albums that aren't from ABBA. Aidan is guiding you through history courtesy of the power metal band Sabaton and their album The Last Stand. Then Kevin gets sweet with the Swedish supergroup Amason. Plus our new segment 'Kevin Was Wrong', and you could win a trip to Mykonos (no, there's no competition, it's just a joke, sorry). Join Kevin and Aidan every week for a podcast where we bring things we like to our metaphorical table and say "trust me, it's good!" Check out Trust Me, It’s Good on facebook.com/trustmeitsgood, twitter.com/trustmepodcast, and email us at trustmeitsgoodpodcast@gmail.com Intro music: http://www.bensound.com/

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