Episode 27: Andrew WK 'I Get Wet' & Super Mario Odyssey


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On this episode, we make yet another triumphant return from an extended break. As we left you all on a sad, sombre note last time, we thought we'd brighten things up with stuff that just makes us happy! Aidan is partying hard with Andrew WK while Kevin is having the time of his gaming life with his Switch and Super Mario Odyssey. Plus, is salmon roe red or orange, how much fun would a gearstick gaming controller be, and there ain't no party like a TAX PARTY! Join Kevin and Aidan every week for a podcast where we bring things we like to our metaphorical table and say "trust me, it's good!" Check out Trust Me, It’s Good on facebook.com/trustmeitsgood, twitter.com/trustmepodcast, email us at trustmeitsgoodpodcast@gmail.com, and follow our Spotify playlist at tiny.cc/TMIGspotify Intro music: http://www.bensound.com/

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