Executive Director of the Harpeth River Watershed Association


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I knew right away who I wanted for my first guest, and what I wanted to talk about.
Dorie Bolze is this force of nature. She's the Executive Director of the Harpeth River Watershed Association. The organization helps protects and restore the Harpeth River and its surrounding Watershed (land area). She just didn't jump on the green band wagon. Dorie has literally, lobbied, begged, borrowed and done just about everything that is legally possible to raise awareness about this treasure and the importance to our area.
People don't think about the Harpeth, and it's tiny streams and tributaries, (it feeds into the The Cumberland and eventually the mighty Mississippi) until it's almost too late and we have problems like we did last year...i.e. water restrictions, low levels, dying fish etc. Dorie isn't some high profile celeb on a mission to save the world, but it's the Dorie's of the world that work tirelessly for not a lot of money to make our piece of the world a better place to live.

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