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When we think of brave women on the water we think of round-the-world sailors such as Kay Cottee and Jessica Watson, or ocean racers like Wendy Tuck and Dee Caffari, or Lisa Blair the first woman to sail solo around Antarctica.
These women take on challenges that many of us would never consider, even in our wildest dreams. In truth, however, every woman who casts off from the dock, or slips quietly below the water surface despite anxiety or deep-seated fear, is courageous in her own way.
This topic is important for all genders. Throughout this episode you’ll find women have opened their hearts and revealed their deepest fears. They’ve offered an insight into their world, how they react, and what they do to cope.
This episode is a sample from Facing Fear Head on Book, with stories from around the globe and across the age spectrum. Given the diversity of our writers (and their locations), we’ve left the women’s own voices and kept the localised spelling to highlight the flavour of our international contributions.
This podcast, coupled with the book highlights, to those taking to the water for the first time, or struggling with ongoing fear, that you are not alone.
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