Twin Peaks Unwrapped 205: Community Rewatch S1: Episode 6


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On the Twin Peaks Community Rewatch show, we discuss episode 6 with Simon McDermott, Andy Bentley and Laura Stewart.

Simon McDermottInstagram:

Andy Bentley @abuddah


Unseen PlayersRob King as the Narrator and Johnny Horne@RobEdKing

Aidan Hailes as Dale Cooper, Ben Horne and Dr. Lawrence Jacoby@aidanhailes @TheBicksPod

Lindsay Stamhuis as Audrey Horne and Mrs. Horne@linzstam

Twin_Petes as Sheriff Harry Truman and Jerry Horne

Peter Hallin as Einer and Big Ed Hurley

Gisela Fleischer as Catherine Martell, Heba and

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