Twin Peaks Unwrapped 212: Occult Fan, Nathan Lee Miller Foster


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Ben and Bryon continue Twin Peaks month with Occult Fan, Nathan Lee Miller Foster, is a wizard rock star who lives in Boston and loves his rock star ladysmith JJ. He is a Freemason out of Orient Lodge in Norwood, MA, as well as a Scottish Rite Mason out of The Valley of Boston and a currently 7th degree York Rite Mason. A gnostic and poet, his writing can be found at HERE, and his music can be found on Bandcamp - for fans of Twin Peaks he especially recommend s you listen to his song "And Now For The Doctor". Also check out his Six Of Swords podcast, which can be found on Apple or Podcast Addict and follow him on Twitter @OccultFan.

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"Sycamore Trees" written by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti & Performed by Chrysta Bell

"Faaip De Oiad" by Tool

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