Chris Cooper: Increase Revenue and Retention Through a New Client Journey


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What's easier: getting a new client or keeping a current one? Smart gym owners know it's the latter, but unfortunately, the data shows that gyms are only keeping clients about half as long as they should.
If you don't want to stay stuck on the treadmill of constantly seeking new clients, you've got to focus on retention—and that means focusing on the client journey.
Here, Chris Cooper explains how motivational interviewing, goal reviews and the "learn, design, deliver, refine" model can help gym owners forge deeper connections with clients and retain them for the long term.
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2:46 – The retention treadmill.

6:30 – “Learn”: No-sweat intros, motivational interviewing and the five whys.

14:55 – “Design”: Prescribing the solution to your clients’ problems.

22:16 – “Refine”: The most overlooked part of the retention process.

26:36 – No-sweat intros vs. motivational interviewing: When to do which.

36:19 – How goal reviews improve retention and revenue.

44:35 – Who should perform goal reviews.

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