Free Advertising: Yes, It's a Thing (and You Can Get It)


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Julie Johnston once made $18,000 in front-end revenue from paid ads in a single month. But there was a problem: She didn't like how those ads represented her business. Yes, they helped her close sales, but the clients weren't good fits.
Tired of the turnover and of feeling icky, Julie quit paid ads—and her business didn't die. In fact, she's actually grown her gym by 41 percent since then by fixing what was wrong in her business, identifying her ideal client and marketing to that client for free.
Tune in to learn how you can do it, too.
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4:42 – Making money with paid ads—but feeling gross about it.

8:34 – Learning from mistakes.

11:02 – Get your mission and your client avatar right.

13:18 – Build systems based around serving your client avatar.

17:50 – Get a mentor.

18:30 – Solve your clients’ problems.

21:24 – Your secret weapon: “Google My Business”

25:04 – Commit to making one post per day.

26:30 – The snowball and the long game.

30:40 – Getting attention from local media outlets.

35:36 – Content creation: Passion is better than perfection.

39:14 – Building a following.

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