How to Grow Your Business by Bringing Local People Together


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When was the last time you brainstormed with the gym owner across town? Or referred a client to a local chiropractor? Or took the local physiotherapist out to lunch?
"Networking" is a corporate buzzword, but building a network—an ecosystem—is you how you can grow your business faster and help your clients more—without paid advertising.
Here, Chris Cooper shares real examples of how supporting his local ecosystem helped him grow his business and put him in a strong position to give back and help more.
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1:13 – Building your local ecosystem.

7:11 – How investing in your ecosystem can yield returns later on.

14:26 – Your ecosystem can also be a safety net.

16:09 – Learning from others in your ecosystem.

22:54 – Before you can give back to your community, you need a solid foundation.

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