How to Reopen Your Gym: Step-by-Step Instructions


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Average gym owners play things by ear; the best ones make plans. And this is a bad time to be average.
The COVID crisis is far from over. Even if your gym has reopened, there's a very real chance you'll be forced to close again eventually. But if you make detailed plans for reopening and reclosure and everything in between, you'll come out of this crisis stronger than ever.
Here, Chris Cooper breaks down Two-Brain Business' data-driven, step-by-step plan for reopening. You'll learn how to adapt your services to what your clients need, how to manage partial reopenings and restrictions, what to charge for hybrid services and how to tackle marketing when you reopen.
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2:44 – The three levels of planning.

4:13 – Why you should listen to Two-Brain Business’ advice.

6:41 – How to retain clients while your gym is closed.

9:30 – How to price online services.

12:27 – Flex training in small groups.

15:53 – How to price flex training.

17:16 – Running outdoor classes.

20:08 – How to fully reopen with restrictions.

22:52 – Survey results: What clients are saying about reopening.

27:11 – Don’t use your gym to make political statements.

27:38 – Do you need a new waiver?

28:42 – Retention and potential new revenue streams.

35:28 – How to decide whether to reopen.

40:25 – The disappearing average—and how not to be part of it.

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