Online Coaching: Pro Tips for Excellence and Efficiency


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What exactly is online coaching? What is it not? And is it as valuable as in-person coaching in the gym?
Two-Brain Business online coaching specialist Josh Grenell joined Mike Warkentin to shed some light on the subject. He talked about how true online coaching differs from Zoom group-fitness classes, why it's more valuable and how to sell it. He also shared tips for increasing efficiency as an online coach.
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2:34 – What is online coaching?

6:18 – What isn’t online coaching?

8:35 – Does online coaching get results?

11:23 – The value of online coaching.

12:49 – Online coaching and workload: increasing efficiencies.

17:05 – Managing time and setting boundaries.

19:49 – How to find clients for online coaching.

27:34 – The biggest challenges of online coaching.

31:41 – How to keep clients from canceling by offering customized online training.

36:17 – The number-one things new and experienced online coaches should do right now.

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