53 - Sports psychology and helping athletes perform - with Michael Inglis


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How do you help a professional athlete perform at their best? How do you help them cope with performance anxiety or failure? What is the role of a psychologist in a football club and how can you work with coaching staff to help the whole team? Hunter chats to Michael Inglis about his work as a sports psychologist. Michael is working with Western United Football Club (that’s soccer for you AFL followers), he has also worked with AFL Players association, Australian Cricketers Association, Rugby Union Players Association, Professional Footballers Association, as well as with tennis players, cyclists - so you know like every sport. This is an episode that is all about improving performance and so will be interesting even if you aren’t crazy into sport.

Michael works at www.themindroom.com.au and they have a sports focused program there: https://themindroom.com.au/what-we-do/sport/

You can follow Michael on twitter : @M_InglisSpoPsyc

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