60 - Diagnosing the Skywalkers: Mental Health in the Star Wars Universe


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Presenting the definitive discussion on the mental health of the Skywalker family. Its our 60th episode and for some fun we turned our minds to analysing the characters from Star Wars.

This is an episode for psych nerds and Star Wars fans alike. It is similar to our Harry Potter episode (#41) where we diagnosed the Hogwarts teachers with personality disorders.

We discuss in turn Rey, Kylo/Ben Solo, Luke and Leia. For each we cover what their attachment style is, what early maladaptive schemas they have, and if they meet criteria for a DSM-5 diagnosis.

What does that mean in non psych speak? It means we talk at length about each character’s personality, upbringing, motivation and what problems they are experiencing.

Because Hunter is a the bigger Star Wars fan Amy quizzes him 3 times on how deep his knowledge of the Star Wars Universe actually is, with some interesting results.

The end of the show wraps up with “The Therapist Rises” a psychological/therapy interpretation of the final trilogy. If you are a psychologist or training to be one you need to listen to the last 25 mins.

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May the force be with you!

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