65 - How to Reduce Social Anxiety


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Ever find yourself getting anxious about talking to new people, avoiding speaking in work meetings or overanalysing something you’ve said? Then this episode is for you. We chat about practical ways to start to work on social anxiety - calming yourself, challenging your thoughts and experimenting with new skills.

To wrap up the show Amy has a bone to pick with critics of cryving (driving while crying) and Hunter rhapsodised over the appeal of simple desserts.

Clark’s cognitive model of social anxiety

Clark’s cognitive model of social anxiety

Social anxiety resources:
Social awkwardness

International Handbook of Social Anxiety by Crozier & Alden

Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy for Social Phobia by Heimberg & Becker

Things we came across:
Don’t cry while you’re driving by Jeon

The commonness fallacy (predicting dessert choices) by Reit & Critcher

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