Teaser: Does Anakin Skywalker have Borderline Personality Disorder?


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Ahead of our 60th episode “Diagnosing the Skywalkers: Mental Health in the Star Wars Universe” we decided to give you some pre-listening (reading?) to get you ready (hey don’t judge, we did do a lot of university study). Hunter covers a series of academic articles that discuss whether Anakin Skywalker has Borderline Personality (links below). This is a snippet from our 10th episode recorded way back in 2017 before The Last Jedi was released.

If you want to know more about Borderline Personality we covered symptoms and theory in Episode #25: (listen here through the website or apple podcasts); the treatment of BPD with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in Episode #26 (website or apple podcasts) and the impact of BPD on family members in Episode #49
(website or apple podcasts)


See you in a couple of weeks to geek out on psychology & Star Wars!

Anakin Skywalker articles :

Part one - Bui et al. (2011) - Is Anakin Skywalker Suffering From Borderline Personality Disorder?

Part two - da Rocha et al. (2012) - Revisiting the Anakin Skywalker Diagnostic: Transcending the Diagnostic Criteria

Part three - Bui & Rodgers (2012) - Response to da Rocha et al.

Part four - Tobia et al. (2015) - Darth Vulcan? In support of Anakin Skywalker suffering from borderline personality disorder.

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