3rd Degree Byrne Episode 56: The Untold Legend of the Batman #1


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You know, sometimes the titles on these books are just a bit misleading. It is like those video you get links to that talk about some amazing thing that cant be explained, but you know the kid had gas.

Anyway. . .

3rd Degree Byrne goes back forty years to read ”The Untold Legend of the Batman” and comment on it just for you! Join Tim Elliott, Brian Hughes, David Thompson, John Hijatt and Kirk Greenfield for a head canon (Copyright Em Middleton) explosion. The discussion goes far and wide across the Batmans Gold and Silver Age. This is some great stuff and it has been covered by others before but not like this.

So. . . why do they call it the “Untold” Legend? It was a retelling of Batmans origin and history, which means it was told before, right?

This one is gonna keep me up tonight.

Maybe I can get Alfred to make me some warm milk.

Pull up a glass and join 3rd Degree Byrne as they cover “The untold Legend of the Batman #1”.

This one is gonna give you the Joe Chills!

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