The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 156 - Ruby Spears Superman: Bonechill/The Driver's License/The Beast Beneath These Streets/First Date


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In episode 151 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo begins to wind down his coverage of the Ruby Spears’ Superman show with two more half hours. First, we’re going to go Supernatural as an old creaky bookstore owner is looking for an ancient talisman because he wants it’s ancient power. Isn’t that how these things usually go? So come see the transformations, come see Clark try to dance with Lois and what does a giant cockroach have to do with all this? So, put on a coat or you may experience “Bonechill”. And then we’re going back in time to the formative years for another Clark Kent milestone. This time the Teen of Steel gets behind the wheel for the first time. You don’t want to miss Clark get “The Driver’s License”. And then come join us for a reopening. Metropolis is going to open Old Town, which has been buried beneath Metropolis for 100 years. But what lurks beneath? What destroyed this old section of Metropolis? How will we cope with “The Beast Beneath These Streets”? And then it’s back to the teen years again for another teenage rite of passage. Clark is going out with Lana. And then the comedy of errors start. There’s a whole ton of automotive mishaps. Will Lana want to see Clark again after this “First Date”? Next time: The Superboy episodes: “The Beast and Beauty” and “The Fixer”

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