The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 166 - Superboy: Mutant/Phantom of the Third Division


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In episode 166 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo begins his final three episodes covering the first season of the Salkind-produced Superboy series.

First, were going to meet some aliens. Or are they aliens. Maybe not. Theyre from somewhere or someone else. Theyve got a ship that may be a time machine. The one thing it isnt is as sickly sounding as another time travelers ship.

Well, they need something because of course they do. And theyre going to have Superboy get it for them. Or theyre going to do something awful to someone Superboy cares about.

Sound familiar?

Of course it does. But who is this woman? Is she human? Or is she a “Mutant”?

And then were going home. Yes, to Smallville where Jonathan Kent is going to find himself stalked by an old army buddy. Weve seen Jonathan Kent fight with his fists so far in this show, but does he fight also with his mouth and his mind?

Youre going to have to find out as we encounter the “Phantom of the Third Division”.

Next time: Its the penultimate episode of Season 1 coverage with “Black Flamingo” and “Hollywood”.

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