The Man of Screen Podcast Episode 170 - Superboy: Metallo/Young Dracula


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In episode 170 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo continues his run through Season 2 of the Alexander Salkind-produced “Superboy” television show with episodes 3 and 4.

First, were going to meet a comic book villain, one of several that will be introduced this season. A robbery will go awry and our criminal will have a heart attack both before and after the caper.

Our criminals name, why its John Corben, but after an encounter with a recluse scientist, were introduced to “Metallo”.

And in the second half, were going to go supernatural as vampires are going to be introduced into the shows mythology. And one of the two vampires were going to meet wants nothing to do with his abilities.

He became a doctor to cure himself of his vampirism. So, come and meet “Young Dracula”.

Next time: We take a trip to “Nightmare Island”. Then we meet Superboys imperfect duplicate in “Bizarro … The Thing of Steel”.

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