PODCAST: Generation Spacing Ep. 003 - What On Earth Are Low Tier Heroes Thinking?


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2020 04-09: (Warning: NSFW Language) The boys of Generation Spacing are back! In episode 3, EbonicPlague, TuboWare, and jchensor talk about what makes a low-tier hero tick: why do they do this to themselves? And of course, they talk about LOTS of other things as well. LOL! More on COVID-19 and the FGC, about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the recent resurgence of Killer Instinct thanks to its amazing Netcode! == EbonicPlague == Twitter: @EbonicPlagueBB Twitch: twitch.tv/EbonicPlagueBB == TuboWare == Twitter: @TuboWare Twitch: twitch.tv/TuboWare == jchensor == Twitter: @jchensor Twitch: twitch.tv/jchensor - The Chensor Dynasty - Please follow and consider subscribing to The Chensor Dynasty stream on Twitch: twitch.tv/jchensor Support and Follow James On Other Social Media Platforms: Patreon: patreon.com/jchensor - UltraChenTV - Please consider also supporting the UltraChenTV Patreon! http://patreon.com/ultrachentv Twitch stream - http://twitch.tv/ultrachentv Twitter - http://twitter.com/ultrachentv UltraDavid - http://twitter.com/ultradavid

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