PODCAST: Nicky's OnlyFans, Trump Shuts Us Down, Things Get Moist, Etc. - Generation Spacing Ep. 005


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2020 04-30: (Warning: NSFW Language) Look, I don't even know how to write a description for the things that happen on this show anymore. At one point James tells renowned FGC commentator "Persia" to suck his nuts, so just... yeah. It goes places. And stuff gets talked about. Just... listen in to the madness. O_o == TIME STAMPS == 1:30 - We made it to Episode 5! 2:26 - The conclusion of Nicky's dicky 6:15 - What's the deal with Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat? 16:25 - Phone calls suck unless your name is TuboWare 18:09 - S-Kill reveals himself, but what youngins remember him? 20:18 - Covid19 talk part 648512 22:40 - Trump is a child, don't inject cleaner into yourself 24:47 - Trump SHUTS DOWN Generation Spacing! 30:43 - Simpsons talk - Homer is Krusty!? 32:25 - Who is Persia's favorite commentator? 36:00 - Q&A Time! (Commentary, Teppen & TCGs, Vocal Ticks, etc) 52:23 - Is it gonna sell!? James Chen Merch 54:30 - Thanks to WaveChan, Cat butts drive James nuts! 59:45 - James says "Suck my nuts, Persia!" 1:00:50 - Gohan's mom & Pokemon's dad 1:04:20 - We finally talk about Anime and if Dragonball/DBZ any good (and so many more!) 1:09:55 - There isn't just anime on TV, but real life shows like Dave and The Good Place 1:11:10 - James has cable so he's old thing? Will Ebonic ever make up with Kyle P? 1: 13:40 - FGC production is budget, Callisto getting drunk while streaming, FGC better than ESPN!? 1:17:32 - James and TuboWare commentated the first/last SamSho Top 8 of the year? 1:19:00 - Imagine not getting flown to Japan to commentate... Oh sorry, Tubo, didn't see you there 1:20:20 - Ebonic took Spanish for 8 years, it sucks, and he STILL uses it for Evil. What an awful guy 1:24:20 - We start talking about UltraDavid and Bukkake and Canadian co (car) ck 1:33:21 - GBVS got Zooey so we talk about her and GBVS for a little bit! 1:39:45 - Ebonic got a drumset. The stream asks him to play songs click here to find out which ones 1:42:00 - We're gonna make a theme song for Generation Spacing 1:43:57 - Is Lucia a bad character? Disable adblock to find out. And more SFV talk 1:48:36 - James is a shin hisako player in KI without question and KI is dope go play KI 1:51:59 - We talk about some weeb stuff that James is into, despite denying he was a weeb earlier 1:54:47 - TuboWare got his job back! But it might not be a good thing... Also unemployment benefits 2:01:15 - We sing indestructible == EbonicPlague == Twitter: @EbonicPlagueBB Twitch: twitch.tv/EbonicPlagueBB == TuboWare == Twitter: @TuboWare Twitch: twitch.tv/TuboWare == jchensor == Twitter: @jchensor Twitch: twitch.tv/jchensor - The Chensor Dynasty - Please follow and consider subscribing to The Chensor Dynasty stream on Twitch: twitch.tv/jchensor Support and Follow James On Other Social Media Platforms: Patreon: patreon.com/jchensor - UltraChenTV - Please consider also supporting the UltraChenTV Patreon! http://patreon.com/ultrachentv Twitch stream - http://twitch.tv/ultrachentv Twitter - http://twitter.com/ultrachentv UltraDavid - http://twitter.com/ultradavid

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