PODCAST: NOT OKAY, BOOMER - Generation Spacing Ep. 007


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2020 05-07: (Warning: NSFW Language) - Getting sick of FGC boomers, TuboWare decides to talk to old man James to figure out what's wrong with his generation of crotchety old men. EbonicPlague chimes in as well and all three guys discuss the quality of players from the past and from the present. == TIME STAMPS == 00:00 - Welcome! 03:07 - Old great players would be even better now? 05:55 - We know what strong players look like! 11:30 - Popularity and tournament sizes now and then. 19:00 - The hardware problem arcade tournaments faced. 27:00 - Everybody thinks their generation is the best dilemma. 42:49 - The legends vs the scientific method now. 45:45 - Science players are being more favored than we think! 51:02 - Did science players even exist back then? 53:50 - Training back then was impossible! 56:16 - Mike Watson's technique! 58:03 - Closing comments == EbonicPlague == Twitter: @EbonicPlagueBB Twitch: twitch.tv/EbonicPlagueBB == TuboWare == Twitter: @TuboWare Twitch: twitch.tv/TuboWare == jchensor == Twitter: @jchensor Twitch: twitch.tv/jchensor - The Chensor Dynasty - Please follow and consider subscribing to The Chensor Dynasty stream on Twitch: twitch.tv/jchensor Support and Follow James On Other Social Media Platforms: Patreon: patreon.com/jchensor - UltraChenTV - Please consider also supporting the UltraChenTV Patreon! http://patreon.com/ultrachentv Twitch stream - http://twitch.tv/ultrachentv Twitter - http://twitter.com/ultrachentv UltraDavid - http://twitter.com/ultradavid

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