PODCAST: OK, Sonic Boomer Ep. 004 (05/04/2020) - FGC HISTORY PODCAST w/ jchensor And Cory Bell


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OK, Sonic Boomer Ep. 004, 2020 05-04: From twitch.tv/jchensor OK, Sonic Boomer, the Podcast all about old school FGC, continues with Episode 004! James has always wanted to talk about Fighting Game history and such, but could never figure out a proper format for it. But after having wonderful conversations with "FGC History Sponge" Cory Bell, a younger but extremely invested member of the FGC, about old-school FGC, it dawned on James that... why not just have a stream of their conversations? And so thus was born "OK, Sonic Boomer" as a podcast! LOTS of great history information here and Cory will be our guide to get this information out of James! Get ready for weeks of awesome historical content from the man who has been there since almost the beginning, James himself! == Cory Bell == Twitter: @CoryBellFGC Twitch: twitch.tv/Corybell - The Chensor Dynasty - Please follow and consider subscribing to The Chensor Dynasty stream on Twitch: twitch.tv/jchensor Support and Follow James On Other Social Media Platforms: Patreon: patreon.com/jchensor Twitter: twitter.com/jchensor And join The Chensor Dynasty Discord! https://discord.gg/2RVPc9C A friendly FGC environment designed to be welcoming to newcomers and beginners and those that want to have a positive atmosphere to discuss their favorite hobby of Fighting Games! - UltraChenTV - Please consider also supporting the UltraChenTV Patreon! http://patreon.com/ultrachentv Twitch stream - http://twitch.tv/ultrachentv Twitter - http://twitter.com/ultrachentv UltraDavid - http://twitter.com/ultradavid

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