The Chen Reaction 9.26 - The Bottom 5 Characters Of Street Fighter V


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2020 04-10: From == TIME STAMPS == 00:00 PreShow 01:33 Them´s Fighting Herds. 03:57 GGS beta is next weekend! 08:05 Is everyone playing FinalFantasy 7 Remake? 10:41 Shout-out to all the Puerto Rico guys, you are great! 12:35 SFV Reaction times. 15:52 The Chen Reaction! 17:32 Who would you pick? 23:36 Ok, Let´s do this. 28:20 The Leftover bias. 52:03 This game is so balanced! 1:14:20 Sometimes there's a bit of bias. 1.24:22 Closing comments. - The Chensor Dynasty - Please follow and consider subscribing to The Chensor Dynasty stream on Twitch: Support and Follow James On Other Social Media Platforms: Patreon: Twitter: And join The Chensor Dynasty Discord! A friendly FGC environment designed to be welcoming to newcomers and beginners and those that want to have a positive atmosphere to discuss their favorite hobby of Fighting Games! - UltraChenTV - Please consider also supporting the UltraChenTV Patreon! Twitch stream - Twitter - UltraDavid -

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