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Welcome to a special segment of the Uncensored Humanity Podcast we call American Honesty. During these shows I have two co-hosts; Andrew Hoffman and Jake Bible. On the American Honesty segments we like to discuss topics that society has deemed inappropriate. Our goal is to just get our opinions out in the open for a discussion. We believe that the ability to talk about these tough topics is seriously lacking in today's society, as people seem to get offended too easily.

Today Andrew was unable to join us so I asked a good friend of the podcast Ethan Frontz to join us. Ethan has been on the podcast many times and is always a great guest to the show. Ethan and his partner Jeff Wilson run Instruments of Freedom in Wooster Ohio. Today there was plenty of things to discuss on the show. We talked about restrictions at work, the current protests and riots going on around the country. We also discussed a dilemma I'm currently having at work as I'm personally struggling with doing what I believe is right and possibly getting fired for not following updated protocols at work. It was definitely a great discussion. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as we did.

American Honesty is a project that Jake started a couple of years ago. So now using the podcast as our platform we are going to carry on the project that Jake started. Hopefully it will lead to some good conversations that others can enjoy as much as we do.

Jeff and Ethan run a company call the Instruments of Freedom Tactical Weapons Training Group IOFTWTG.COM. Head over and sign up for some training from some of the best firearms trainers in the area. You can visit their retail store at 426 E. Liberty St. Wooster, Ohio 44691. Then they are the one stop shop for everything firearms in Wayne county Ohio.

You can also visit them on Instagram @Instruments_of_Freedom or find them on Facebook at Instruments of Freedom.

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