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The one and only Corey Martinez sits down with Dennis and Ryan to discuss life, love, and the future.
0:00 - Intro/Corey’s cross country trip
4:40 - We get real quick (life/love/career)
13:40 - Making life changes
17:55 - Early family life/meeting Seth Kimbrough days
24:30 - Religion/marriage/divorce/life
42:05 - “What the fuck happened to Red Bull?”
56:10 - Road trips with Scerbo, Wizmerski, and Stricker
1:03:50 - His last video part ever?
1:11:00 - Health insurance
1:15:02 - How Corey met Nathan
1:20:10 - Deactivating his instagram account
1:31:00 - Finishing this part, cinema part, riding an event

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