When It's Time to Get Professional Support With Your Podcast


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Are you sick of the DIY thing?

I hear this so often with our podcast production clients.

They came to us at Uncommonly More because, honestly, they just couldn’t do it anymore.

Between the recording, editing, making show notes, sharing the word on email or social media, and/or coordinating with guests, they were reaching the end of their ropes.

PLUS, they were falling behind on recording or not putting out shows they were totally proud of, or even wanting to give up because they felt they had no strategy or reason to keep recording.

If this is you, I GET IT.

And there is hope.

In fact, I’m going to make it really easy for you to know when it’s time to get some help with your podcast (and the truth is, you probably already know deep down).

I’m laying it all out in a few questions you need to answer in order to know if it’s time for you to get some podcasting support. It’s all in this week’s episode (which, very intentionally, I get help with).

Find the show notes for this episode at https://uncommonlymore.com/when-its-time-to-get-professional-support-with-your-podcast/

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