Ep 34: Paul finally takes a break from mindfulness to discuss training with Stu


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Hey guys, thanks for tuning in. In this episode I sit in with Stu Locke and Paul ONeid as they discuss their coaching methods and the modalities they adopt to get the most out of their athletes. All too often we are given somewhat strict guidelines on how we “should” program and the unique traits and personalities amongst coaches gets lost in the specifics or macrocycles, mesocycles, deloads and rehab exercises. Paul and Stu do a great job of deciphering what it is their clients needs whilst giving a little bit more insight into their methods other than “it depends”. Before we dive into it… If you consider yourself to be a constant “diet struggler” go check out my complete guide to what I consider the #1 dieting strategy to increasing muscle mass and losing body fat simultaneously to achieve the ultimate body re composition. Be sure to click HERE to get your copy for just $7. Further, If you haven’t already, go check my website www.dazzspt.com, our MEMMBERSHIP PORTAL (Click HERE)There, you’ll get FULL ACCESS to over 15 different training programs with the freedom to switch between any of the programs at any time. Plus get FREE access to a growing library of eBooks, Seminars, Exercise Demo Videos, exercise critiquing and more… To wrap up guys, if you enjoyed this podcast please subscribe and give us a 5 star rating, this helps the show grow up the iTunes ladder, meaning we can continue to put the best content out there and reach more people. Finally, I would like to ask one last personal favour; please screen shot this episode, share it on your Instagram stories and tag @coachdarianbates, @lequadzilla and @Pauloneid.

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