EP 246 - A Tactical Blueprint to $100k a Month Using a Low Ticket Offer with Justin Demers


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What's your first reaction to the phrase, "low ticket"? A ton of entrepreneurs completely blow past the idea of selling a low ticket product or program - and these people have no idea what they're missing. Justin Demers started his career out as an award-winning filmmaker and videographer and found a genius way to impart all that wisdom to countless entrepreneurs. He and his wife Michelle now work together to help anyone with a good idea and a decent camera blow their sales out of the water with straightforward, quality video content. On this episode of Underdog Empowerment, Justin and Zach jam on Justin’s mission to teach entrepreneurs how to sell with simple videos and steer people away from other BS advice, the $200K (and counting) idea behind Click Go Live and Low Ticket, High Impact, and the details of crafting your low-ticket offer into the perfect gateway for your other products. Tune in to revamp your entire perspective on that low-ticket idea you've got stashed away. Shownotes: https://underdogempowerment.com/justin-demers/ Get More Involved:
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