86: Type I Diabetes: Bitter or Better? with Tracy Herbert


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Tracy Herbert was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at 17 years old and her life dramatically changed forever. She chooses to not let diabetes control her lifestyle and is soaring to new heights within the diabetic community. Her most notorious accomplishment is biking over 3500 miles across the United States. In this episode:

  • Diagnosed with Type I diabetes at 17 years old while fighting for her life in the ICU
  • The stress and hopelessness that comes with a diabetes management regimen plan including the news that she will never have kids
  • Deciding to be better or bitter
  • How the flu was a catalyst to set her autoimmune disease into motion which initiated late onset, Type I Diabetes
  • Why Type I diabetes patients need insulin shots multiple times a day and cannot live without it
  • The partnership between a patient and doctor in improving treatment plans
  • Mind. Mouth. Move.
  • Becoming a diabetes coach and helping others thrive with this diagnosis
  • Find Your Why is important
  • Finishing a new “celebration” each decade including biking 3500 miles across the USA
  • Hearing inspirational stories throughout the entire journey
  • From San Francisco to Brooklyn and finishing on the Dr. Oz show
  • Riding with no food and limited water and getting lost on a mountain while trying to maintain her blood sugar levels
  • Speaking on stage and her goals for the future

You can find out more information at www.tracyherbert.com and you can email her at tracy@tracyherbert.com. Tune into her podcast, Your Diabetes Breakthrough.


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