UR 193: Submission In Marriage


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On this week's episode of the Undone Redone Podcast, Tray shares his thoughts on submission in marriage and how often men will misinterpret verses like Ephesians 5:22. He explains that God has not called husbands to be tyrants in a relationship that demand their wives to do whatever they say, but instead to lovingly lead them as Christ is leading us in our lives. Quotes from this episode: "Many times guys we don't know who we are and we try to feel powerful by controlling our wives. That is not what the Lord has called us to do." "Submission does not mean that wives do not have a voice. At the end of the day, it is making a decision TOGETHER as a couple." "Ladies, submission also does not mean living in fear of your husband. That is not the way God intended this and your husband is misinterpreting scripture."

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