Episode 600: Q&A 109: Could We Have A Steam Powered Rocket? And More...


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In this week's questions show, I explain why you could have a steam-powered rocket, how often spacecraft have crashed into asteroids and comets, and why a red supergiant star actually has a very low surface gravity.

02:42 Could you build a steam-powered rocket?
04:48 Have any probes crashed into asteroids or comets?
06:47 Surface gravity of UY Scuti
08:57 Will we ever send humans to the surface of Venus?
11:08 Lol
11:24 Does Venus have a magnetic field?
12:22 Longer guest interviews?
14:09 Save the shoutouts to the end
15:55 Could a probe float at the surface of Venus?
16:47 Where do I get my news?
20:29 Why don't meteor showers hit satellites?
21:57 Why not add a module to James Webb?

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