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0:34 Episode 21 - Coronavirus 2020: It Doesn't Matter What You Think - It Matters How You Respond

2:30 It's going back to "normal".

3:20 How schools react and respond in the Fall will have a huge impact on businesses and employees.

4:35 Businesses with email lists are doing better right now than those without.

6:40 Brick and Mortar Summit

7:30 Build your email list. Some options include:
Active Campaign

7:40 Ramp up your social media presence.

8:15 Get faster/better internet service.

8:50 Invest in ways for people to book easily with you online.
Fare Harbor

10:10 Are your websites and funnels mobile optimized?

Clickfunnels -

11:30 QR Codes

QR Code Monkey

13:15 Contactless delivery and payments.

PayPal QR Codes

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