James Wedmore and the Top 10 Processes You Should Put in Your Business Today


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1:02 Mind Your Business podcast with James Wedmore

2:45 Rise of the Digital CEO video series

4:20 You need a process for creating processes.

4:45 Process Street - Simple Process and Workflow Management

5:20 Document your process. I use a free screen recording app called Loom for this.

5:40 Create a process or automation for sending emails. I often use the tagging and automation features in Kajabi to do this as people opt-in or move through my online funnels. You can get a 28 day trial (2x their usual trial) at https://gambrill.com/kajabi2020

7:18 What are the most common customer service and support questions you get? Set up canned responses (Gmail), and FAQ document, or other automations to handle those.

8:14 Establish cloud based file storage and sharing systems. James and I both use and recommend Dropbox. https://gambrill.com/dropbox

You can use Google Drive, Box, or other options too.

9:45 Course or paid content creation processes and automations

10:38 Establish processes for podcast, blog, and other social media content creation and distribution

11:46 New-hire and contractor on-boarding process

12:31 Content re-purposing processes. Two tools I absolutely love for this are
Searchie https://gambrill.com/getsearchie
Repurpose.io https://gambrill.com/repurpose

12:57 Setup coaching call recording and replay distribution processes. I use Zoom and their cloud recording option combined with Searchie - saves me SO much time. Your clients can search the recordings in Searchie for topics and then go directly to that point in the video.

14:20 Setup a testimonial and case study capture system. I actually do this easily in Google Forms. If you want to see it (and maybe leave me a testimonial if I've taught you anything or helped you Unleash Your Awesome in some way), head on over to https://gambrill.com/testmonials

16:42 I use Trello for my project management.

16:55 Get free access to the powerful Rise of the Digital CEO video series at https://gambrill.com/digitalceo

Bonus Tip for Show Notes Readers...
I wonder who actually scrolls all the way down and reads all of this stuff? lol
If that's you, shoot me a DM on Instagram and let me know.

Ok, bonus tip from Dave, or #11 in today's episode...
Create a Media Kit document in Google Drive or Evernote that you can share with people when you go on podcasts, interviews, FB Lives, etc. Mine has some bios, approved photos, and some quick back stories and questions people can ask me about. I also included some general rules about the best way to interact with me, what's in bounds for questions (just about everything), etc.

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