Episode 04: "Don't Procrastinate, Vaccinate!" - Canine Influenza with Dr. Bob Esplin


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Podcast #4 Special Report! Canine Influenza Virus (H3 N2): An emerging disease threat to dogs in Mid-Michigan!

A recent outbreak of Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) in the Detroit, Michigan area is spreading quickly and not contained. As of late July, the disease is “knocking on our doorstep” in Mid-Michigan! CIV is EXTREMELY contagious, and presents a real threat to our local dogs, as they have no natural herd immunity to this virus. The virus causes respiratory disease, can last up to a month, and the worst cases can be fatal. Fortunately, a very effective and safe vaccine is available, but it takes a month to immunize dogs, so we need to get started!

Listen as Dr. Bruce Francke, from Bay Animal Hospital, in Essexville, Michigan, has a conversation with Dr. Bob Esplin, of Sylvania Vet Hospital, in Sylvania, Ohio. Sylvania is a town in North Western Ohio, and a suburb of Toledo, Ohio. Dr. Esplin and his team faced a very similar threat from this virus three years ago. He will tell us how Sylvania Vet Hospital’s quick action in vaccinating as many dogs as possible, prevented the disease in most of his patients, when CIV invaded his community. His animal hospital was able to remain open and most of his canine patients remained healthy while hundreds of other dogs got sick, and many “animal related” businesses were forced to close for cleaning.

We will need to take prompt action to build the immunity in our local dogs before this disease invades our community! We will need your help to spread the word, so please share this podcast with your dog loving friends and families! Check our popular Bay Animal Hospital Facebook page frequently for updates. Feel free to call us at Bay Animal Hospital for information on how to get your dog vaccinated! Our number is 989-893-4549.

As Dr. Bob says, “Don’t procrastinate! Vaccinate!!”

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