Episode 05: Allergies Part 2: Food Allergies and Grain Free Diets with Dr. Francke


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Note: It may be helpful to listen to podcast 3, on atopic allergies, for background information, before this episode.

In the second episode of a three-part series on allergies in dogs and cats, Dr. Bruce Francke, from Bay Animal Hospital, discusses food allergies and grain-free diets.

Dr. Francke discusses the diagnosis and treatment of food allergies. Some of the questions discussed: What are food allergies? How are food allergies different from food sensitivities? How do we know if our pet’s allergies are caused by food or something else? What is the best diet to feed my pet for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of food allergy? What about homemade diets?

Also discussed are grain-free diets. These diets are very popular currently, but how common are grain allergies in pets? Are these diets even safe for all pets? There are some important developments you need to know about.

In the next podcast, we will conclude our discussion of allergies by talking about flea allergies.

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