Internal Dialogue Management with Alex Rubinchek


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Alex Rubinchik oversees Marketing and Business Development at Philadelphia-based ServiceWhale. Prior to moving to Philadelphia, Alex received his first degree in Political Science, History and Philosophy from Hebrew University and his MBA from Brandeis University. Alex’s interests and hobbies are as diverse as his travels. When he isn’t discovering new solutions and opportunities for ServiceWhale, an online marketplace that provides instant on-demand quotes for big-ticket home improvement projects, he enjoys teaching yoga, spinning vinyl, and exploring unplugging practices.

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What You Will Learn In This Episode
  • Why the biggest enemy in your life is your internal dialogue.
  • How technology and information misleads us and derails our mindset.
  • The philosophy behind a healthy state of mind that has existed for over 2,000 years.
  • Practical steps you can take to achieve peace and serenity.
  • Activities that will help your health, education and social health all at the same time.

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