95: Which Cheeses Go Well With Wine? Janice Beaton Shares Pairings


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Why does cheese, like wine, spark obsession? Why do certain wines and cheeses have a similar flavour profile? What makes Canadian cheeses unique? Do different types of cows' milk produce different flavours in cheese? How do you pair goat cheeses with wine?

In this episode of the Unreserved Wine Talk podcast, I'm chatting with Janice Beaton, owner of Janice Beaton Fine Cheese which was known as Calgary’s best place to buy artisanal, fresh-cut cheeses from around the world.


  • How did Janice develop her passion for cheese?
  • What is it about cheese that sparks our obsession?
  • What similarities can you find between cheese and wine?
  • Why might you notice a similar flavour profile between certain wines and cheeses?
  • What makes Canadian cheeses unique?
  • How are immigrants an integral part of the Canadian wine and cheese industries?
  • Why will you get a different flavour profile with Canadian cheeses, even when cheesemakers stay true to the European processes?
  • How is cheddaring done?
  • What is clothbound cheese?
  • Will you taste a difference in cheeses made from different types of cows' milk?
  • What flavour profile can you expect with Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar?
  • Which Canadian wine should you try with Avonlea Cheddar?
  • Can you eat the rind of ash cheese?
  • How does the flavour of goat cheese change with aging?
  • What taste notes would you associate with mineral notes in cheese?
  • Which wines would you enjoy paired with goat cheese?
  • What causes the crunchy bits you find in some cheeses?

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