234: Take The Numb Out Of Numbers During Recession


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There is no shortage of business owners who are trying to make sense of this current economic environment in an effort to sustain and manage their businesses, and they’re coming to accounting and finance professionals for support — but most of them don’t understand the foreign language of business. So, we all need to be aware of when we’re speaking a language that our clients don’t know so that we can help them navigate these uncertain times more effectively.

Luckily, Peter Margaritis has been helping accounting and finance professionals level up their communication skills for years, and he’s going to explain how those who are used to communicating in “tech-speak” can best communicate with and serve their clients. Peter, also known as “The Accidental Accountant,” is the author of “Improv Is No Joke” and “Taking The Numb Out Of Numbers,” the host of the Change Your Mindset podcast and the Change Your Mindset Speaking Demonstration on C-Suite Radio, and the author of a ton of other great content at petermargaritis.com.

Listen to this episode of unsuitable to learn:

  • Why you should take an improv workshop
  • How to become a translator for everyone else
  • How to avoid overwhelming your audience when presenting complicated financial or tax information

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