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Before launching this next season, we wanted to highlight a handful of favorite podcasts we’ve been guests on recently. We speak with some amazing folks about Upbringing, our mission and approach in practicing powers beyond control when it comes to daily discipline with our kids!
This week, we’re sharing our interview with Jen Lumanlan on the Your Parenting Mojo Podcast. We discuss how we grew to identify as feminists through our parenthood and the experiences we had that helped us reckon with the power + privilege we held over our toddlers. We also unpack and walk through some specific ways we can take back our parenting practices from our cultural conditioning-- from exhaustive tooth brushing resistance to fears of uncomfortable conversations-- challenging moments that give us the opportunity to align our values as people with our practices as parents. Fun stuff!
It was a dream come true to chat with Jen about our unconscious hypocrisy as progressive parents, and how finding alignment can prevent us from undermining the very skills and values we hope to promote in our kids! Your Parenting Mojo is a top-rated podcast and parenting community led by Jen Lumanlan, (M.S., M.Ed.). Jen was the first parenting resource we found as new mothers that examined the scientific research related to child development through the lens of respectful parenting.
We hope you enjoy our conversation on Your Parenting Mojo as much as we did! Head on over to to learn more about Jen and her amazing podcast, membership community and more.
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