LIVE Q&A // Resistance, won't share or listen, hitting + biting, pushing limits, whining + tantrums


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Welcome back to our LIVE Q&A SERIES on the podcast where we use the audio from our weekly Instagram LIVE videos.

A few of the topics we cover this episode:

- 4yo won't leave places without being carried
- Loving follow-through feels like a failure or a punishment
- 4yo full-time resistance and parent guilt
- Parent feels hijacked by their nervous system
- 9mo spirited baby: development, temperament or circumstance?
- 1 and 3yo hitting, biting and scratching parents + others
- 7yo unkind to friends + parent tries not to lecture
- 4yo hoards shared toys
- 3yo meltdown worsens with empathy from parents
- Parent struggles with constant tantrums + whining
- 4yo hyper and won't listen at parties
- 5yo still thumb sucking to sleep
- 4yo pushes limits when given agency from parent
- 3.5yo gives up easily and won't try hard things
- 4yo sensory issues with clothing and am transition

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