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Today we share a pre-existing episode of one of our favorite podcasts: Raising Rebels, hosted by Noleca Radway, Episode 3: "I brought you into this world...", posted on June 20, 2019. Raising Rebels is a podcast about oppressed parents raising free children, featuring courageous conversations with real parents who are encouraging their children to be fully themselves in a society that doesn’t always celebrate them.
In this episode, Noleca speaks with her three daughters, Glory, Moxie and Blu about their experiences of her evolving discipline as their mother. Noleca is also joined by her friend Jade Verette and her partner and fellow educator Tristan Verette. The three parents discuss how they experienced discipline as kids, what informed their parents’ methods, and how they’re intentionally engaging with it now as parents.
Raising Rebels tackles everything from sexuality and race, to co-parenting and money, all with the goal of liberating children. We imagine that Raising Rebels will resonate as much as it educates, and we hope that featuring Noleca’s work here will also encourage you to expand and diversify your own podcast queues around parenting and motherhood… sharing Raising Rebels and others you follow with your communities.
We’re excited to chat with host Noleca Radway in an upcoming podcast season when we resume our conversations with artists, activists, writers and beyond. In the meantime, our goal today is to center Noleca’s brilliant work and encourage you to follow, listen, learn and support her podcast.
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