RESIST Q&A // Is it too late to change my discipline?


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Today we hear from a parent who is concerned her 4 year old’s brain is wired to react and respond in fear and people pleasing because she has used shame in her parenting. Our answer: IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! We explore ways that can help repair our kids’ brains and our connection as we build skills, practice and grow up alongside our kids and one another. The hard stuff is the good stuff. We laugh, we cry, we lean in… join us!
This week's shoutout is to Parenting for Liberation: a podcast for Black parents is hosted by author and activist Trina Greene Brown. The podcast’s mission is to cultivate resilient and joyful Black families that are doing the healing work to interrupt historical traumas and intergenerational violence, dismantle harmful narratives about the Black family, and create community that amplifies Black girl magic and Black boy joy. Trina’s brand new book, Parenting For Liberation: A Guide for Raising Black Children, is now available wherever books are sold.
Visit today’s show notes to learn more about Trina Greene Brown’s work and Parenting for Liberation. Check out her website, and find Trina on instagram @parentingforliberation.
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