RESIST Q&A // My kid is intensely rude to us all


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Today we hear from a parent whose daughter has been intensely rude to her, her mother and her new partner. We explore ways to look beneath behaviors, connect instead of correct, run the RESIST Approach in the moment, and build skills and connection together as a family. When we can help our kids attune to themselves, we are breaking cycles of cultural conditioning that don’t serve our child, our family or our world. We laugh, we cry, we lean in… join us!
Today’s episode shoutout is Good Ancestor podcast, hosted by globally respected speaker, anti-racism educator and NYT bestselling author of Me And White Supremacy, Layla Saad. Her interview series with change-makers and culture-shifters explores what it means to be a good ancestor. We loved her recent episode with Candace Braithwaite of Make Motherhood Diverse, Episode 23 with Kimberly Seals Allers on Birth Without Bias and Episode 14 with The Conscious Kid, discussing parenting through a critical race lens. Check out the website at, and find Layla on instagram @goodancestorpodcast and @laylafsaad.
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